12:00pm – 01:00pm

Registration for UCAREs


01:00pm – 01:15pm

Welcome remarks


01:15pm – 01:30pm

Session 1. The GA²LEN UCARE Network
Overview of aims, progress and ongoing/new projects.
- Marcus Maurer (GER)
- Ana Maria Gimenez-arnau (ESP)
- Torsten Zuberbier (GER)
- Luis Felipe Ensina (BRA)
- Emek Kocatürk (TUR)


01:30pm – 03:00pm

UCARE projects
Chair: Juliana Sella (BRA) | Karla Arruda (BRA)

Projects finished and published COVAC-CU, PROMUSE, CURICT, COLD-CE, PREG-CU, DruSo-CU, UVERSICU, SDown-CSU
Update on CRUSE and CURE
Ongoing projects PROMUSE-PAT, CU-Sleep, Prevalence-D, Famli-CU, DAEF-CINDUS, RIFA-CU, CSUplus, CU-TIGER


03:00pm – 03:30pm

Coffee Break: Sponsored by CSL Behring


03:30pm – 04:00pm

Patients Organization
Chairs: Herberto Chong (BRA) | José Ignacio Larco (PER)
- Victor Gascon Moreno (AUT)
- Valeria Cecilio (BRA)


04:00pm – 05:00pm

Chairs: Rosaly Vieira dos Santos (BRA) | Young-Min Ye (KOR)

Workshop 1. How to create a UCARE project
- Emek Kocatürk (TUR)
- Ivan Cherrez (ECU)

Workshop 2. UCARE LevelUp and 4U – getting more involved
- Luis Felipe Ensina (BRA)
- Désirée Larenas-Linnemann (MEX)


05:00pm – 06:00pm

Session 2. It’s all about you and your UCARE. Show and tell…
- Marcus Maurer (GER)
- Ana Maria Gimenez-Arnau (ESP)

07:30am – 8:15am

Registration to all attendees

08:15am – 8:30am

What UCARE can do for you…What can you do with UCARE?
Chairs: Gabriela Dias (BRA) | Jason Fok (AUS)
- José Ignácio Larco (PER)

08:30am – 10:00am

Session 3. Chronic spontaneous urticaria: where are we now?
Chairs: Eduardo Souza Lima (BRA) | Karla Arruda (BRA)
1. Advances in the pathogenesis of chronic spontaneous urticaria
Allen Kaplan (USA)
Marcus Maurer (GER)
2. Current and novel therapies
Romi Sarbjit Singh Saini (USA)
Torsten Zuberbier (GER)
3. Biomarkers for duration of disease and response to treatment
Jorge Mario Sanchez Caraballo (COL)
Carsten Bindslev-Jensen (DNK)

10:00am – 10:30am

Coffee Break: Sponsored by CSL Behring

10:30am – 11:50am

Session 4. Oral abstracts session
Chairs: Claudio Parisi (ARG) | Cesar Galván (PER)


11:50am – 12:00am


12:00pm - 01:00pm

Lunch Symposium: Targeting Type 2 Inflammation in CSU - Clinical
Mechanistic Implications. Sponsored by Sanofi

01:00pm – 01:15pm


01:15pm – 02:45pm

Session 6. Chronic inducible urticaria (CIndU)
Chairs: Iris Medina (ARG) | Solange Valle (BRA)
1. Advances in the pathogenesis of CIndU
- Clive Grattan (UK)
- Ana Maria Gimenez-Arnau (ESP)
2. Cold Urticaria Syndromes
- Carla Ritchie (ARG)
- Mojca Bizjak (SVN)
3. What can we learn about CIndUs from CURE? What an app for
CIndU could do for us.
- Sophia Neisinger (GER)
- Thomas Buttgereit (GER)

02:45pm – 03:45pm

Chairs: Luis Ensina (BRA) | Ana Paula Cusato-Ensina (BRA)
Challenges in urticaria treatment around the globe (Session supported by Mantecorp/Farmasa)
- Elizabeth Garcia (COL)
- Hermenio Lima (CAN)
- Niall Conlon (IRL)
- Zuotao Zhao (CHI)
- Maryam Khoshkhui (IRN)
- Jason Fok (AUS)
- Cascia Day (ZAF)

03:45pm – 04:15pm

Ask the Expert Session
Approach to CU patient as a whole: how to manage comorbidities and associated conditions? What do experts do in the UCARE Center?
Chairs: Albertina Capelo (BRA) | Polina Pyatilova (GER)
- Zenon Brzoza (POL)
- Regis Campos (BRA)
- Kiran Godse (IND)
- Carsten Bindslev-Jensen (DEN)

04:14pm – 04:45pm

Coffee Break: Sponsored by CSL Behring

04:45pm – 06:15pm

Session 7. Urticaria: many things considered
Chairs: Paulo Ricardo Criado (BRA) | Beatrice Abdala (BRA)
1. Acute urticaria: are there differences in pathogenesis and treatment? How often does it develop into chronic urticaria?
- Mitichiro Hide (JAP)
- Andaç Salman (TUR)
2. Differential diagnosis: Urticaria vasculitis, Autoinflammatory diseases
- Roberta Criado (BRA)
- Murat Türk (TUR)
3. Urticaria in special populations: Pregnancy and lactation; Infancy and childhood 12 years-old and under; Elderly, 65 years-old and older
- Larissa Silva Brandão (BRA)
- Emek Kocatürk (TUR)
4- Mast Cell Activation Syndrome MCAS
- Frank Siebenhaar (GER)
- Michael Fein (CAN)

06:15pm – 07:00pm

Session 8. WORKSHOPS
Chairs: Melba Munoz (GER) | Nelson Rosário Filho (BRA)
Workshop 1. PROMs for CSU and CIndU: old and new
- Solange Valle (BRA)
- Thomas Buttgereit (GER)
Workshop 2. CIndU: how to test for inducible urticaria
- Sérgio Dortas (BRA)
- Rosana Agondi (BRA)

07:00pm – 08:00pm

Happy Poster Hour (Posterwalk, Fingerfood and Cocktails)

09:00am – 10:30am

Session 9
Chairs: Oscar Calderón (PER) | Eli Mansur (BRA)
1. Differential diagnosis of angioedema without hives
- Marta Ferrer (ESP)
- Regis Campos (BRA)
2. Global consensus on the Definition, Acronymus, Nomenclature & Classification of Angioedema (DANCE): new angioedema classification
- Markus Magerl (GER)
- Anete Grumach (BRA
3. Mast cell-driven and non-mast cell-driven angioedema: treatment
- Margarida Gonçalo (POR)
- Henriette Farkas (HUN)

10:30am – 11:00am

Hands On Workshop - The CRUSE App
- Sophia Neisinger (GER)
- Marcus Maurer (GER)

11:00am – 11:30am

Coffee Break: Sponsored by CSL Behring

11:30am – 12:30am

Session 10. News from clinical trials: what is on the way
Chairs: Karla Arruda (BRA) | Torsten Zuberbier (GER)

- Marcus Maurer (GER)
- Ana Maria Gimenez-Arnau (ESP)
- Romi Saini (USA)
- Clive Grattan (UK)
- Allen Kaplan (USA)

12:30am – 13:00am

Summary, outlook and good-byes | Invitation for next meeting in Haifa, Israel
- Marcus Maurer (GER)
- Ana Maria Gimenez-Arnau (ESP)
- Torsten Zuberbier (GER)
- Emek Kocatürk (TUR)
- Luis Felipe Ensina (BRA)

* Preliminary program subject to change.

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